Wood Stoves

So you’re thinking of purchasing a wood stove. Well, there are several factors to keep in mind that will ultimately sway your decision.

Some of those factors are: overall performance, efficiency, heat output, material used in manufacturing, quality, thickness of the steel/iron, and catalytic versus non-catalytic. Further to these, there are factors specific to your home.

Some of these are:

  • Placement of the unit in your house
  • Area being heated
  • Age of house
  • Overall insulation
  • Also, a few other details to address are:
    • availability of wood
    • cost
    • storage
    • quality of wood

As you see there are a variety of factors in making your decision. Given these factors, it is suggested that you come into our showroom to get an idea of the variety of wood stoves available.  If you cannot, then proceed further on this website, or please call us and one of our sales/technician staff would be pleased to offer a free, in home consultation.

Some of the lines Sunray Heating carries are: