Pellet Stoves

There are 8 different models to choose from. Depending on your requirements, you may choose from the compact “mini”, which heats between 600-1200 sq. ft., has a maximum 30,000 btu output, and is CSA approved for mobile homes, or you can go all the way to the top end.

The “maxx” puts out 70,000 btu, heats up to 2,700 sq. ft., has just under 4 bags of pellet fuel hopper capacity. This unit can also be used for commercial purposes.

In between these 2 units are a variety of styles, functions, and features  from cast iron bodies to colored ceramic finishes, and of course various btu output. Your choice of unit depends on where you wish to situate the unit in your house, whether it gets placed on an outside wall, or an inside wall.

A further differentiation in units is free standing versus inserts. If you have an existing fireplace, you can choose between 4 different styles of pellet inserts.  Again these units vary in btu output, fan control and styling. Your choice will depend upon your house size and layout, heating characteristics of your home, and your comfort level.

Why choose a pellet stove?

There are a number of reasons. Cost saving is the main reason people look to installing a pellet stove. While oil and natural gas costs are increasing tremendously year over year, pellet fuel is very stable.  We have an abundance of renewable, sustainable trees in our province and the region. Pellet fuel is made of all natural sawdust, the resin from the wood acts as the binding agent and it is what keeps the pellets together. Having said that, sawdust that would previously have been a waste material, is now being used as a friendly source of heating fuel.

Environmentally, pellet fuel is CO2 neutral, and has zero negative impact towards greenhouse gas. So, in effect, you can do your part globally, by acting locally and installing a clean-burning pellet stove.

Pellet sales

Pellet fuel comes in a variety of quality, but when it comes right down to it, there are 2 components in rating pellet fuel, ash content, and the amount of hardwood used in the processing.  SPF (spruce, pine, fir) will tend to have more pine (softwood), versus other fuels that have a higher fir (hardwood) content. The higher the fir content translates into higher btu output, and less ash. Less ash means less maintenance to your pellet stove.

As the largest retailer of pellet fuel in British Columbia, Sunray Heating carries the major names in pellet fuels, as well as offering the best prices in town.  The brand names we carry are “Cleanburn”, ”Pinnacle”, and “Premium”.  In addition, we store pellet fuel for our customers, if you do not have the room (this service is provided at no extra cost).

By pre-purchasing a ton of pellet fuel, (which will most certainly be used in one heating season), your average cost per bag is reduced and you can pick up however many bags you want, whenever you want. Sunray also provides delivery at a nominal fee.